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Endocytosis means the uptake of extracellular material and its inclusion within a vesicle the membrane of which is a derivative of the plasma membrane. Schnepf and Deichgräber 1984.

Endoral membrane

The endoral membrane extends across the peristomial field into the buccal cavity. It is usually named paroral membrane; however, due to its monostichomonad structure and probable homology to the...



A symbiosis in which the cell of one partner is embedded in that of the other. Such symbiosis gives rise to


An epilorica is a spiralled or annulated portion frequently added to the anterior end of a proto- or paralorica (Laval-Peuto and Brownlee 1986). Agatha and Riedel-Lorjé (2006)



The anterior part of the dinoflagellate cell above the cingulum. 

Extrusive organelle

Parasitology, Predation, Taxonomy

Diverse eukaryotic organelles that dock beneath the plasma membrane of cells and expel their contents in response to mechanical, chemical or electrical stimuli. The contents of extrusive...



A relatively large comma-shaped cavity (apical pore) on the Po plate of Alexandrium spp. . It is a diagnostic feature of the APC. 



Parasitic plant that is photosynthetic but exploits the xylem sap from other plants, where it collects non-carbon and also carbon elements.

Host race

Parasitology, Ecology

A population of a species living on and showing a preference for a host which is different from the host or hosts of other populations of the same species. Host races represent a continuum between...


Life cycle, Taxonomy

A very thick-walled resting spore.


Life cycle, Taxonomy

A thick-walled zygote formed following fusion of two motile gametes (diploid-2N). 



The posterior part of a dinoflagellate-type cell below the cingulum. 

Intensity (of infection)


Number of individuals (determined directly of indirectly) of a particular parasite species in each infected host (i.e., in a infrapopulation) in a sample. Frequently expressed as a numerical range...


Life cycle, Taxonomy

Sexual reproduction in which the gametes are morphologically identical to each other. 

Iterative sporogenesis


see Palisporogenesis.

Kleptochloroplast (kleptoplast)

Taxonomy, Predation, Photosynthesis

Chloroplast which is sequestered from the prey by the predator and is kept as a functioning unit for a limited period of time. 


Photosynthesis, Predation

A strategy where full or partial autotrophy is acquired by way of sequestering plastids from other organisms; a kind of delayed predation since such plastids have limited survival.

Lateral ciliary field

The lateral ciliary field is between the ventral kinety and the left ciliary field, with which it is occasionally lumped (Laval-Peuto 1994, Wasik and Mikoajczyk 1994). The term was introduced by...

Left ciliary field

The left ciliary field is on the left side of the dorsal kinety. Its ciliary rows are more closely spaced than those of the right ciliary field. The name for this ciliary field on the left cell...


A lorica is a house, fitting the cell loosely, with an anterior (oral) and occasionally posterior (aboral)
opening. It is carried about by free-swimming species or fixed to the substratum by...